The Artist's Way Experiment

I am working through the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron trying to unlock some captive creativity and I am really enjoying the process. I am on week four and something incredible happened that I've had in the back of my…


Fun Stuff and a Lent Experiment

The last couple months have been pretty interesting overall.  I played some fun gigs, and I have been doing some things at school that have been new and exciting.  This second semester is really getting long, and I am pretty…

NPR and my new big boy job

And everything has been falling into place!  I'll start off with this past weekend, because it was excellent.  The last few weeks have been tough, especially for my wife, so on Saturday we jetted off sporadically to the twin cities…

What is this "free time" you all speak of?

Greetings!!  Things have been bananas as always.  I have been subbing in several local school districts here and there, all while working at a bike shop, and playing music, and playing with other groups, and boy are my arms tired…

Lawrence Lawson and Maplewood!

Hello all!  I graduated and was lucky enough to get a cool long-term sub gig the next week.  That being said, I have been swamped to say the least, but life is good.  For the time being, I decided to…

Crazy New Year

Greetings!  So I don't know if I could really cram as much into a single month-ish of time ever again.  Within the last 30 or so days, I:

-Got married
-Conducted Sparta High's Christmas Concert
-Spent a week of 14-hour…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh my goodness, I am SOOO thankful for this break!  This has been the first break since probably July that has consisted of more than a 3-day weekend, and I didn't have to work or anything.  What a strange feeling…