NPR and my new big boy job

And everything has been falling into place!  I'll start off with this past weekend, because it was excellent.  The last few weeks have been tough, especially for my wife, so on Saturday we jetted off sporadically to the twin cities to see Prairie Home Companion.  We were able to get front row seats (to a radio show...I know, I know) but it was pretty amazing.  Thank God for too.  Ticketmaster was up to nearly $40 in fees for nosebleed seats, and we got these for $25 less and $5 in fees.  Ticketmaster sucks!  Oh my gosh, they are seriously terrible!  How has no one found a way to put them out of business?  Anyways, we were seated right in front of the sound effects guy, and that was really cool.  The music throughout the program was pretty diverse and really good.  We had some quality guffaws as well.  Also, before each program, they let you write out a dedication card, a shoutout to someone who might be listening.  About halfway through, Garrison Keillor picks a bunch to read on the air, and wouldn't you know he picked both Kristin's card and mine.  It was pretty cool!  I was missing Sparta High School's concert that night, so I shouted out to them as retribution for my absence.  Afterwards, we went to this place called "The Nook", where I was introduced to Honey Bacon fried Cheese Curds.  My right eye has been twitching ever since.  Good stuff.

Musically things have been going well.  People at school are great, and the year is starting to fall into place.  I finally get my new classroom in a week or so, that will be good.  I need to write songs.  I have a couple tiny songs that are nearly finished.  I am off to do more work for the year, but I will hopefully be coming back with new things soon.  Have a lovely evening 

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