What is this "free time" you all speak of?

Greetings!!  Things have been bananas as always.  I have been subbing in several local school districts here and there, all while working at a bike shop, and playing music, and playing with other groups, and boy are my arms tired!  Well, you get it.  I just received my educator's license, so I am off and running!  I have also been playing with a local group of guys who put together a pretty slamming rock band, and I'm on the drums once again.  It feels good, I miss playing drums, and I am still getting my chops back, but these guys challenge me, and it's all good stuff. 

Also, I finally got to move into a house, which means recording won't be a huge project of set up and tear down when the neighbors aren't home, in the garage, in the cold, uphill, both ways.  What else?  Oh, I got a job in the Blair-Taylor school district next year.  I am incredibly lucky and very excited!  The superintendent and his wife made a special trip down to see me and Tom Pfaff perform at the Root Note a couple weeks back.  I was honored, and I feel like I'm going to be in great company.  Yes, most of my time will be spent at school, but I will still be writing here and there. 

I have begun writing what I am calling "Tiny Songs".  I feel like a huge trap I continue to fall in is the attempt to tell my life story with every single song idea I come up with.  Well, that is just exhausting and unproductive, so now I have produced several low-key songs about various areas of my life that I think will be pretty enjoyable.  I'll make a huge fuss once I get them on here.  I've also been considering movies, since I seem to get a ton of ideas when I'm watching something good or moving.  The wife doesn't care too much for the lovey dovey films though, so I must creatively schedule my viewings of "A Walk to Remember", accompanied with a nice steak.  Just kidding!  (or am I?)  I have a legal pad to carry with me at all times, so we'll see if I can't capture anything cool these days.  This song writing is such a fickle thing.

So, that's what I have so far, just going a million miles an hour, as always.  I'm a lucky guy who gets to do a lot of things that I like, and get paid for it, so life is good.  I am out of here on vacation starting next week, which will be a bit of getting used to.  Man, I haven't been on a big trip out of this town in two years, so yeah, I'm jumping out of my seat for this.  Thanks for reading, I shall keep you posted when things get posted.  Have a lovely weekend.  Go eat some fish, you Wisconsinites, you! Let's all hope LeBron gets a tall glass of water and some stretches in.  Or not.  Ciao


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