Crazy New Year

Greetings!  So I don't know if I could really cram as much into a single month-ish of time ever again.  Within the last 30 or so days, I:

-Got married
-Conducted Sparta High's Christmas Concert
-Spent a week of 14-hour days preparing and performing in Sparta High's Madrigal Dinner
-Graduated from College
-Finished my student teaching portfolio
-Got an offer for a long-term sub once I finish student teaching
-Gained a few pounds from some glorious stress eating

I feel like there was something else, but I must have forgotten because my brain is now completely smooth from anxiety (just kidding, it wasn't really that bad), but I'm out of the thick of things and well on my way to resist becoming a boring adult.  How do I do that?  Finally start writing some music! 

I have two songs in the works, and I am also working on a sweet cover of A-Ha's "The Sun Always Shines on T.V.".  I will someday re-record this whole album, because the songs are stellar but the style is outdated.  I hope to have a little musical surprise in the cover as well.  No, it's not an appearance by William Shatner, sorry to burst your bubble.  Anyhow, I'll make a big stink when I get the tune posted.

I am looking for rehearsal/recording space.  I am also looking for a booking agent.  Speaking of, I posted 15 more gigs here and there running through August.  Anyhow, if you are someone, or if you know of someone who can help me with these two issues, I would be very thankful and probably find a way to deliver a "You're Awesome" cupcake or something of the sort. 

Life is good, there is good music to be heard, and I'm really looking forward to what I can get done here in the next few months.  It's going to be a good year.  Stay tuned for more info, and stay classy, planet earth:)


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